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WHO LIVES / A Willing Spirit Bracelet

Designer: A Willing Spirit


Every year, 3.4 million people die from dirty contaminated water in Africa. There is a misconception that this is due to a lack of clean water, but actually, Africa is rich in clean water, it‘s just 30 meters underground. So the REAL problem is in the ACCESS to that water. 

Who Lives is an organization that decided to be the change and developed an economical machinery called “the village drill” which the villagers can assemble themselves. With this drill, they can reach clean water within 8 hours after installation.

This drill not only puts a dent in the diseases and deaths statistics caused by dirty water, but it also allows kids to go to school because they no longer have to spend a day walking to find water (which is usually contaminated anyway), it helps the fund the schools and increases the economy in these villages because the drill requires labor to be assembled. Most importantly, these drills and wells, give these villages their right as a human, to have clean water and health. 

A Willing Spirit was founded on this principle, to help those in need around the world so we have created this bracelet to raise funds to establish a water well in one of these villages in Africa. All proceeds of this bracelet will go towards establishing a water well. Once we reach that goal, we will be documenting exactly where that well was planted and how it helped and changed the lives of those living in that village. 

Your purchase of these bracelets will plant a seed towards this cause. Be “A Willing Spirit”, be the change that society needs and plant your seed towards this movement “I alone can not change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples”.


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