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Awakening The Comeback Kid

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       This blog is for those who at some point in their life has felt as though they didn't fit society's norm, they didn't have what it took, they weren't good enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough, etc, etc... all the lies that tend to cross our mind at some point in our life or others may make you believe. These thoughts, feelings or notions, can paralyze you and dull your inner light. If they're not recognized and discarded, they can disable you from cultivating your gifts, talents and deprive the world of your greatness. Building the best version of yourself is the most profitable investment you'll ever make, but It is your responsibility to first discover your dreams/goals/purpose, believe in your potential and put in the work to achieve them. We find our greatest treasure when we discern, cultivate and believe in our innate greatness.  Don't ask yourselves what this world needs from you, instead ask yourself what makes you come alive because those things that make you come alive, are your contribution to this world. They are your purpose, your innate greatness. This blog is for that woman that needs a reminder of the greatness she has within her and encourages her to rise, to awaken that warrior and take her to battle, to begin cultivating that mountain moving, world shaker, unstoppable powerful woman that she was created to be. Only you can write the story that you were meant to tell. 

I'll tell you the story of a kid who many refer to as "The Comeback Kid", a boy who was never perceived as good enough, who didn't fit the ideal. He was doubted by everyone around him, rejected by teams, and always chosen as the backup. A kid who, although everyone betted against him, he continued to believe in himself and his dream of being the greatest quarterback one day. He didn't need the world's approval, all he needed was one person to continue to believe in him..... himself. 

(Pause for Disclaimer: Ladies, I know this may be too much football talk for some of you but stay with me. This blog is NOT about football. I'm going to get to the point. Just giving you a little background info before I hit you with the real good juicy stuff that applies to you )

This kid didn't have the best numbers as an athlete, his fit wasn't the most athletic, he had never won any championships nor even played in a championship. He was always benched. The only reason he was ever able to begin playing as starter quarterback in high school, was because the starting quarterback all the sudden quit the team and they had no other choice than to allow the comeback kid to play. Little did they know, that kid who no one believed in, would make history one day.

Well, that kid, became the one quarterback in the NFL to ever win 5 super bowls. Not only that but also led his team to make history by making them the first franchise to ever win 3 super bowls in 4 years since the Dallas Cowboys. This "Comeback Kid" who became the greatest quarterback, is better known today as Tom Brady. 

When Brady was drafted into the NFL, he was chosen as a 6th round pick. His NFL draft report said "poor built, too skinny, lacks mobility, weak strength, lacks strong arm, gets knocked down easily"  When Bill Belichick (Patriot's coach) was asked why he chose Brady he said "He was a rookie, making all the rookie mistakes, but held the confidence of a veteran" this is where the story begins to unfold and apply to you. This was the secret to his success.


Brady was drafted as 2nd backup which meant that he would be benched majority of the season. Well, he was benched for 2 years before he ever got his first chance to play. He described being benched as feeling "useless, feeling as though you're not even part of the team" At this point in his life, all he had ever heard was how he wasn't good enough and his dreams of being the best quarterback were illusions because he didn't have what it took, but Brady was confident and believed in his potential, he was hungry to show the world what he could do.


We all tend to come across a point in our lives where a situation made us feel as though we didn't have what it took, or no one believes in your potential, or even worse yet, you may not even know or believe in your own capabilities. Whether it's a job, a person we're dating, a school, a gig etc. When one experiences this, it can affect us in such a way that can it can start to become someone's reality. A person can be led to just tell themselves subconsciously "if the world thinks I'm not good enough, then I really must not be". This form of thinking is crippling, it'll disable someone from fulfilling their purpose, their dreams and goals, It'll deprive someone from reaching their highest potential and from cultivating and utilizing their talents to leave their legacy in this world.

This is where the Comeback Kid story comes in. Brady had all the reasons to go into victim mode, to adapt to the notion that everyone continuously instilled in him that he wasn't good enough, he didn't fit the prototype, he didn't have what it took to be greatest.


He could've victimized himself and just believed "If the NFL says I'm not good enough to play then I must not be" and just become complacent as a backup, but NO! Brady decided to enact a different mindset, the mindset of someone determined to rise and reach their highest potential, the mindset of someone willing to fight to show the world what he was made for, to cultivate his inner greatness and gifts in order to use them and leave his mark in the world. 

"I just told myself that one day I would get my shot and when I do, I'll be ready. I'll show the world" - Tom Brady (when asked about the 2 years he was benched).


Instead of dwelling in self-pity and doubting his capabilities, he decided he was going to use the time that he was benched to build a beast. He chose to use it as his most powerful weapon, as his fuel to put in the work and become his best, and strongest self so that when his chance came, he would never see the bench again. 

Brady studied the game, worked on himself mentally and physically, learned from other's mistakes, he knew his greatest investment would be to develop the best version of himself.  He trained his mind day in and out, reading, researching, studying and listening. He coached himself as a leader and trained himself as an expert in his field, he was determined to awaken that comeback kid and get him ready for battle.


He never doubted who he could be and confidently believed that he would become it one day. It was only a matter of him putting in the work, nourishing and nurturing that history-making quarterback that he always believed was within him. Ladies, these here are the magic ingredients, he believed in his capability for greatness, he confidently envisioned it and put in the hard work that was required to become it. 

We were all born with a special talent, a gift, a purpose. These gifts are our contribution to this world. Many times these gifts are left untapped and taken to the grave because, at some point in our lives, we began neglecting them or worse yet, we never even believed that we have a gift and so never discovered nor explored it. Sometimes people tend to just go on about their lives surviving or accepting it without truly living.  One truly discerns the meaning of living when they begin following their passions because it is those passions that lead us to our purpose, they are what we were called to do. Truth is, we all have them. some of us just don't bother or don't take the time to find them within us. Some people allow their capabilities to be dictated by others opinions of them and those opinions can take someone from being the greatest quarterback in history to being a benched backup quarterback. Everyone has a mission it's up to us to explore what our mission is and then soldier up for battle and complete it. Your potential is your gift, you must be intentional when chasing after it. 


Building the best version of yourself is the most profitable investment you'll ever make. Have the confidence of the Comeback Kid, It's time you ignite the dormant volcano of greatness inside of you and allow the world to feel its heat. You were not created to be dormant. When society says you're not good enough, your gifts don't fit the ideal, your ideas are rejected, or you just don't fit the norm, I need you to use these comments as your ammunition to continue to believe in your greatness, even more, the same way Brady did, he relentlessly believed in himself and that was all he needed to persevere. He knew that in order to achieve that dream, the work had to come from him. No one was going to sprinkle fairy dust over him and all the sudden he'd become the greatest.
It is our responsibility to first discern our dreams, to believe in our capabilities and put in the work to achieve them. It's up to you to discover and fall in love with your uniqueness, embrace knowing that there will never be anyone else in this world that is exactly like you. When you discern your purpose, your impact on this world becomes limitless
Allow your purpose to be your compassAwaken the best version of you! train your mind daily by reading books that you can learn from, having a mentor, listening to speeches and podcasts by some of the greatest minds out there like Ken Wilbur, Joe Dispenza, Vishen Lakhiani, James Altucher etc. Knowledge is your most powerful weapon. Don't waste your time watching senseless television or doing futile tasks. Use your time to invest in you, investing in your gifts, in reaching your highest potential and using it to give back to the world. YOU are your greatest investment. Strengthen your mind, your thoughts, your emotions, coach yourself on mastering these for it'll be the key your most successful life.
I tell you these things because I've been there, we've all been that kid. I was never the popular girl in school, I was always the nerd, the dork singing opera in the classical music school choir,  with the funny boy haircut, not cool enough to hang with the popular girls, etc etc . Any form of rejection you may experience in your life, has the ability to become your reality and subconsciously lead you to brand yourself as "not good enough, doesn't fit in, etc" I could've allowed these perceptions to become my reality, but just like the comeback kid, I decided I was going to awaken that warrior inside and train her for battle. I was going to embrace that dork inside of me and see the beauty in my passions (for classical music not the boy haircut lol)
I began to put in the work day and night at becoming the best version of myself, but the most important thing here is that the training doesn't end. You can't just go to the gym and work out until you get the results you want and then stop working out while still expecting to remain fit with sculpted muscles. Training your mind works the same way, It is a daily strive to grow more and more each day.
Strengthening your mind and becoming the best version of yourself is a lifestyle. You must keep learning new things each day, learn from others who have also worked on mastering themselves. The day you stop learning is the day you begin to wither. Be diligent at becoming the master of you. Discern your passions, visualize being who you want to be and confidently show up as her every day. This is what that comeback kid did and what built his legacy.


So I hope to inspire you through this blog to get your backs off the mat, to awaken that comeback kid in you. Don't limit yourselves. Set goals so big that people around you think you're crazy because

"The ones that are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do" -Steve Jobs.

Don't imprison your potential to the limits you set yourself in your mind. Get rid of complacency, dig deep and discern what makes you come alive. Loosers are not born, we create them ourselves in our minds. You were not made to be a princess, but rather a queen with warrior blood so fight for her, for that beautiful woman just waiting to flourish and begin writing her legacy. Ladies, every day is a new fight, a new beginning, a new learning opportunity, so I need you to look up at yourself in the mirror every morning and say "wake up beauty, time for you to beast the best version of you"  Give rise to your inner comeback kid and show the world what you were made for.


Pieri Camacho

A Willing Spirit 

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